Published in Us Magazine and Revolution Flame



I search for You;
When flowers bloom,
When birds sing,
When sky smiles..

I hear You;
When paramours speak,
When butterflies giggle,
When streams splash..

I see You;
When love flourishes,
When colors fly,
When rainbow sets..

I feel You;
When someone laughs,
When someone loves,
When someone walks..
Though you are not around!
But I!
Feel you every moment..
In Euphoric hour,
In departing sunset,
In distress,
In dismay..

My heart,
My world,
My soul;
Always lost in an endless search
Without You..

My Life is;
Like a dark night
Like a colorless drawing
Like a blank page
Like a gloomy picture
Like a blotch on the canvas
Like a lost stranger
Like a note in the sand
Like a parting hand..


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