Something In The Mist

Published in: Revolution Flame


I was walking alone, on that cheerless pavement, in the chilling frost of December. I always walk aimlessly here, on this very path. I reckon, now it’s more than a hobby. I try hard to recall, rewinding why do I come here, always? I witness some aged pages, so cold, in that old dear diary of my contemplations, dusted by the priceless warmth of that mislaid love. I sensed a perceived a familiar face in my memoirs. The face of my dreams. Of my soothing love, of my priceless adoration. Lost in my valued thoughts, I grasped the reason of my being here; on this very pavement. This is the track, where love first started. Where unspoken words, dotted in thoughts were uttered. Where hearts were two but with a single soul. Where oath was taken, warmth relished and feelings flourished and emotions shared. Time flew like a hastening bird and I went through that excruciating pain that shattered by being, my world. My heart uttered, it was this path where once that jovial love ended. Trust was shattered. Promises were broken. Dissolved in the ‘mist’ was something proverbial.
Something my ‘own’. I realized. My soul echoed while I was seeking for that something of my ‘own’: “It’s that forsaken love which thrived once. The purity of emotions and sincerity of hearts, once shared.” Standing mope tears were falling from my eyes like the rolling stones on my cheeks. The flakes of that broken trust, those shattered dreams dancing in the mist were exasperating my eyes, pinching my soul, mocking my conscience. It is here, on this path, in this mist: my love present till now. Dissolved in this mist is my purity, my emotions, my sensations. I solved the mystery. My derelict adoration brings me here, letting my soul to absorb the euphoric feeling of that old epoch and sparkle in the dark world of my silent heart. I found, my love exists in this mist. My esteem, my promises.



4 thoughts on “Something In The Mist

  1. this one exposes the beauty of your soul so well that i can almost touch your spirit…

    You are a gifted writer and I hope you continue to express to those of us who marvel at your abilities.

    When you express the emotions of your inner core is when you write the best…and that requires exposing yourself, and allowing us to enter a personal domain…which we appreciate..sincerely ..!!

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