The Beauty..

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I just got this thought a few days ago, while I was thinking about all those new people who’ve entered into my life’s circle in the recent past and now are among the ones who occupy my heart’s world. I envisaged, God is beautiful. Yes, He is. That is why He let us meet beautiful people in the walk of our life.

I was amazed when I realized, how unknowingly we meet strangers in the life’s journey. We befriend them, get closed to them and eventually we become attached to their presence; morally and emotionally. Finally we realize how mutely they establish some priceless bonds and relations with us. How silently they enter into our being and become our asset. God, this is such a pure and warming feeling, when felt. So, this is God’s beauty because He let us meet these people who in no time enters into our life’s story with a full lot of awesomeness. I wondered, how strangers get so close to us and become the most beautiful souls of our world.

Then I understood, God is pretty. He is cute. He is awesome. That is why he let us come across every single person who eventually mold us. And the warming feeling was when I shuffled those beautiful faces in my mind, as a slide show, who’ve recently entered into my world and very quickly became inseparable. Oh, I was overwhelmed. I felt that euphoric moment. Yes, the true ecstatic state.

I took a moment and thanked God for letting me feel this happiness. ❤

P.S: This is esp dedicated to every single one who has poured my soul, my being and my world with his/her love, sincerity, care, warmth and loyalty. I love every single one of you. I love you all. You are my asset. ❤

Friendship becomes priceless, when it is with the very sincere and right one.


2 thoughts on “The Beauty..

  1. Wonderful words my sister, and a lovely blessing to all! God loves us and never wants us to be lonely so those who have self-less hearts and beautiful spirits he brings into our lives that we might have daily inspiration from their hearts, their minds, their conversations and their friendship and their real love that is given to you feely without cost and not asking for nothing in return! The obvious appears for who would turn away such a treasure gift when present to them. So we both become blessed and each smile shared, gives more to our day than any wealth of this earth because it is genuine and real. Your mind and heart breath loveliness in and out with each breath. And you emulate the best qualities naturally of our God! Thanks for the blessing Hira, and thanks for inviting me in to walk with you in your life!

  2. Hey Bro,
    Yes, true said that. I loved the way you summarized it. Thank you so much. And yes, I am so pleased to have you in this walk. I reckon it is going to be a great journey ahead having a considerate fellow like you. 🙂
    Thank you much for having me beside you in thy walk. 🙂
    God Bless.

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