A thought provoking note..


Feelings, emotions, cheers and tears–all are things to be felt, cherished and survived. You can’t express them via words. They can’t be sketched on your white sheets. They can’t be drawn on the canvas. The Life’s diary is blackened with every passing second. Yes, blackened with the charcoal of broken trusts,smoke of some burnt promises, droplets of evaporated hopes and dusted with glittery wishes, some shimmering dreams and sparkling grins. There is a track destined for every one. For some, it is smooth, clean, no bumps, no stops. For others, it is the most intricate puzzle ever, to be solved. My diary is different from yours. My track is not the same as yours. But yeah, our caption is the same. You are living, I am living, rather We live. Your bleak hour can be my happiest moment and my dismay can be your triumph.

We all are exactly the same. Still, we aren’t passengers of a single boat, travelers of the same journey and citizens of the same territory. We don’t stand in one row. Can’t sit around the same table. We’ve been divided. Yes,division of colors; of casts, of tribes. We’ve got barriers, in hearts, in souls. They just can’t be transcended.

At times, I reckon, why do we get black night after a whole long bright day? Exactly, same as we all of a sudden get the ruined, wretched and miserable moments after one big bundle of overwhelming, joyous and cheerful hours. We do not accept this word “compromise”, unless we are too helpless. Until we get sucked in a situation where we can’t help ourselves. When we are too incapacitated. When there is nothing at our back and front, there comes “compromise.” It’s just a false way of making ourselves happy. Just to deceive our hearts because we still keep on searching that ray of hope and help, which leads to the thing we wish for. Our desires never observe an end. Our wish list keeps on extending. We don’t “live”. We just “survive.” Only “breath”. Just keep on counting the minutes ‘n’ seconds. We don’t have anything to share. Lives are materialized. I’ve my own story, the heart wrenching one, which I consider is the saddest melodrama on the face of this earth, and you’ve yours. There exists no word as “us” in the dictionary of our beings.”You” would be “you” and “I” would be “I”. You and I can never be “us”. Because that needs heart, warmth, care, love, understanding, patience, tolerance and sincerity. Which neither thrived before nor will thrive afterwards. Neither of us care. We don’t bother. I follow my way and you follow yours.The path always bifurcates into two. Honesty and affection has dissolved in the smoke of burnt emotions along the particles of forsaken past.

Jealous hearts,
Counterfeit emotions,
Double sacredness,
Dual nature,
Pure from outside,
Poisonous inside,
Lies, Delusions, Dejection,
This is all about ‘OUR WORLD’..
Real face of; My being,Your Existence.


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