Ended Tale


Lost in my aimlessness,
I took the air,
Of this path
Inside my emptiness.
Where my soul once;
Lived its purity.
Cherished the truthfulness,
and thrived its zeal.

But now,I am camouflaged.
My mindlessness bounded,
My actuality concealed.
As here,I have ceded.
For, some honest promises,
Those promising dreams,
Few nascent wishes,
Some mislaid memoirs.

And my tale ended
with my phony.
That Tale of love,
Of blue and bright,
Of tranquil and fright.
‘Cuz’ I ‘locked’ my soul.
Published in: Revolution Flame


5 thoughts on “Ended Tale

  1. I’m getting overwhelmed now- I’ve never come across words you have used and when I found their meaning- it’s amazing their woven so beautifully together.

      • Aa… um I well I have to read most of them and I thought why not start that now and do a number of posts every day! By the end of this month ^…^ I am officially gonna be fan reader.

        What were you thinking back then xP

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