A random thought


It is true. When your LIFE is gloomy, dark, dim and cloudy. When the harsh gusts of the cruel winds of this malicious world, strike against your face like steel bars. When you realize there is not anything at your back and just in front of you. Oh, Yeah! the moment you call as when all the doors get closed. So, I reckon, it appear as a misery to many eyes. No front, no back, no right and perhaps no left.

Indeed, this very moment appears too dreadful, pathetic, harrowing and vexing. It is only YOU who can actually FEEL it. No one else. So, it has to be admitted this belongs to you. All those who claim to be equally share holders of the grief you have is just a fake satisfaction. A FORGED statement. The gloomy hour is yours. Yeah, only yours. it belongs to none else. You are the sufferer and you are the victim.
One has to see and face it alone. Some hands for holding can appear to be a mere support but not a permanent remedy. The ache and the pain belongs to you, to none else.
And you yourself have to face the grief, the worry, the cruelty of the hour and the sorrows of life.
Everyone is alone. You are born alone, you live alone despite having hustle and bustle around and then you die alone.
A REALITY; that could be denied but not escaped.


2 thoughts on “A random thought

  1. Aww, i have known this sadness, feeling isolated, abandoned, empty.
    Its when i feel like i have no strong pillar to hold my hand and support me when I am on my last breath.

    But, we are not alone if we have caring families and a soulmate who holds our heart and hand with tender care…. 🙂

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