“Rather than an unwanted present, I prefer to be a cherish able past in someone’s life.”



3 thoughts on “Existence

  1. Can someone be cherished if they occupy a bad taste in one’s present?…Not in my heart….maybe in others. JMO…we may remember the good they once did but the smart ones dont forget the dark side either.

  2. At some point of one’s life, a moment comes when inspite of all the badness someones has done in the present, one realize the goodness of the past. Perhaps, every one does so. But just keep on denying or escaping as the bitterness of the present is more intense. But a mere feeling comes, in fact it be for a fraction of second, but yes we do realize that goodness someone did once for a while though.

  3. We build up banks of good deeds, i believe, in people’s lives/hearts..and oftentimes the good def outweighs the bad. But, there comes situations when the bad is too bad …that the good has no leverage power and we must let those ppl go out of our lives forever. We can dismiss the minor but the major must be carefuly weighed and decide for ourselves where change must come about.

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