It goes on, for it has to…


I couldn’t exactly locate the feelings I had when the idea of writing this very post popped up into the billion neural cells of my brain or perhaps the reality is that I couldn’t name them. But I wanted to jot down some words and join the broken pieces of some memoirs once again to complete the picture.

In the life’s journey when strangers eventually turn into the most beloved ones, it gives you awesome and in fact a very pleasing yet soothing feeling. It is indeed a sensation of tranquility and extreme harmony to have sincere, pure and true people in your life’s diary, in your heart and in your world.

But at times the hour takes a turn and you might realize some how some where that you are ignored. Or perhaps one gets a feeling of having tarnished barriers coming in between some warming relations. Whatever the case may be there comes this moment of COLDNESS.

Yes, coldness and impassiveness in hearts, in behaviors, in attitudes and some times in thy souls. The feeling of someone being prioritized over you is the most heart wrenching one. And this is the moment when relations start having cracks. When sentiments are hurt and hearts are shattered. When words are not uttered but remained in hearts and thus they are poisoned. When trusts are broken into flakes and memoirs are burnt into ashes.
Where a single path bifurcates and bonds are broken so ended.

‘Tis are the say, but the numbness of sentiments results. Beings are deadpan and souls are separated.
Ah! The ache, the soreness, the twinge, the throb… eats you. The bitterness eats you too, like a termite. Separation kills you and memoirs keep on stinging thy brain and being.

But still the LIFE GOES ON, for it has to..


4 thoughts on “It goes on, for it has to…

  1. its truly sad and wrong when words are left unsaid…

    the feeling of being seconf fiddle is painful…but we must move on and not waste time crying for what wasnt meant to be. If others dont love us we cant force them to love us…and we must seek warmth elsewhere when we find cold walls…

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