The Throb..


It was another fine, apparently calm and serene evening when she was standing on the same clammy shore, where she speaks her heart out to the only listener she is left with; the wide generous sea. Ostensibly the vibe was tranquil but inside her, it was complete desolation, barrenness and agony.

It was her life’s turn where she was lost. In a complete perplexed state she wandered around the beach in search of a corner where she could sit and break into tears, bursting her heart out. She found a heap of sand. She sat there and started recalling the mislaid past where once thrived the love, mirth and calmness. Tears were rolling down her cheeks like stones and her heart was burdened with the sting of present. She could feel the tingle and the throb in every aspect of her being. She was a rebel; rebel to the so called custom, to the so called system and to the very usual orders. But insurgent was limited to her own little world only; to her dreams and her thoughts. She was too weak to raise her voice and make it hear by the masses surrounding her.

Lost in her misery and bewilderedness, she realized the heap of sand slowly flattening with the ground. She reckoned, even the sand couldn’t do loyalty with her same as the hoodwink she faced from the fate and life. With pounding heart, quivered lips, trembling fingers and devastated being she uttered everything to the wide sea. She spoke of her soreness, her desolation, her miss fortune, her fears, her troubled soul and everything she could think of in her despair stricken paralyzed brain. She shed tears, spoke the unsaid and everything.

After being satisfied with her say, she stood up as expecting to be calm and relaxed with her burdens but suddenly she realized the throb of her soul and the dismay in her breathe. She thought she could never take over this wretchedness as it was her fate’s words.
She walked away in her aimlessness and emptiness with the thirst… Sigh! Just like that lost traveler who comes thirsty even after having acquaintance of a wide sea, the lover who still seek love after having a pure soul mate, the seeker who still search for calmness after having God’s love inside the soul..


19 thoughts on “The Throb..

  1. Rebellion and calm are not compatible. Peace comes due to accords with pledges and promises..that must be fulfilled.

    The Rebel fends for himself, …his eye focused only on his indoctrination, and forgets that he must fend for others.

  2. Very nice…this I found extremely beautiful and poetic: “Just like that lost traveler who comes thirsty even after having acquaintance of a wide sea..”

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  4. Lovely. Happy to have found your blog just before you sign off for a break. Blessings.

    John 7:37-38 – If anyone is thirsty, let him come to Me and drink and there shall be Rivers of Living Water.(Jesus)

  5. Hey Shandra,
    I am glad you did and stopped by in this tiny world of mine in the wide sea of bloggers. That’s so very kind of you. I really appreciate it. Happy to have known you.
    I’ll surely don’t miss the prestigious chance of checking in at your end.
    Love, blessings and peace for you.
    Thanks much for connecting. 🙂

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