Farewell O’ Sun


Standing in the old window,
of my lonely room
I stared at this gloomy farewell,
Of the departing sun..

I sensed the essence of parting
Took along;
Some shattered dreams,
Ashes of my broken trust,
Bits of that ended love,
and the pure sincerity,
A portion of hope,
A part of happiness,
Some laughs
Some tears…

Sigh! I reckon,
My soul was left
in its emptiness
Baffled and dumbfounded
As if,
This dismal separation
took away its asset…

Lost in my abstract thoughts,
I heard an echoing sound
Back from my conscience,
Showing me a path
A ray of light in the dark
A spiffing source
in the shadows of despair

True it was!
This adieu showed,
A call for another day,
A new life,
Another chance,
Some nascent dreams,
Some new hopes,
Yet again, another start
A fresh begining.
Published in: Revolution Flame: http://revolutionflame.com/2012/10/farewell-o-sun/


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