First time.

So, here it is. I was surprised and overwhelmed too after I got to know about this.
Tracy, a very awesome, graceful and inspiring fellow blogger nominated me for this. She is too kind and sweet for doing it. Thanks a lot Tracy, you are love. I am honored and humbled at the same time.
– A big hug for you.
And Tons of Thanks. 

She keeps an amazingly awesome blog with all her beautiful thoughts and inspiring posts. Do pay a visit to that. Here is the link:

And the link of the nomination’s post is here.

I am not very well familiar with the process . So I am doing it my way.  Still, here it goes.

So something about me. I read there should be seven things.  Therefore, following the foot steps, I’ll do so.

* I am passionate about writing. It’s the thing I always love to do, in all its form, in all my moods.

* I am very humble. I think, I’ve this very good nature of mixing up with people easily. I get mixed up in new environment and with new faces with no trouble. You may call it frank, friendly and so on. But I keep people an arm-distance, always.

* I love nature, guitar, basketball and bowling, candies, candles, waterfalls, swimming, driving, dawn and dusk to its fullest. These things really make my life.

* Reading – the favorite thing, in all genres, of any language ( unless I understand it  ). I am a reading addict.  News paper is in the list as well.

* I love cooking. It’s the favorite hobby. I cook when I am happy, I do it when I am sad, I do it when I am moderate. Lol! I love doing it.

*Making new friends, having new acquaintances, travelling, exploring, learning and reading biographies are favorite pass time.

* I am loving. Yes, I am some how sensitive. Up to an extent quite serious, with mature approach, subtle and with mood swings.  And the one who owns her loved ones. 

I guess this is enough.

Ok, and my nominations for this honor are:

The versatile and my very darling ,  PURNIMODO.

The link to her awesome blog goes as:

Then is the one with great writing skills and awesome posts, Nadia.

The link to her awesome blog goes as:

Then comes the one with some really thought provoking beautiful posts, Andy.

The link to his awesome blog goes as:

Then I nominate the most creative blog owner, Mahoor.

The link to her awesome blog goes as:

And yes now, the name behind my most of successful write ups, my inspiration and yes the one who is the reason behind my blog, the very awesome blogger Zunaira.

The link to her awesome blog goes as:

And now one great writer, forever poetic though.  Bro, Wendell.

The link to his awesome blog goes as:

And finally, the one with some really great posts ever, this Shy Dragon.

The link to the awesome blog goes as:



25 thoughts on “First time.

  1. Haha, oh my I am honoured by the award and completely flattered by the mention! 😀
    Thank you Hira! You are such a bubbly person and it comes through in your writing. Gets me smiling every time!

    • Sweet Nadia, 😛
      You deserve it. I personally like your blog and all the compilations a lot.
      Waaaay to go. =)
      And for the smiling thing, I am humbled and glad that I can get you a smile atleast. 🙂 But you are kind to say that.
      – A big hug from this random fandome one. 🙂 ❤

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    • Hey Alia,
      Thanks a lot. And thank you for the follow and dropping by. I got a visit of your blog and you too keeps awesome compilation.
      Good luck and good wishes for you.
      God Bless. =)

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