A Walk In Autumn Garden

In the aged garden of autumn,
I walked aimlessly
The garden that was 
ominous and dismal,
Yellow and forlorn,
and I, in my emptiness
crush the deceased leaves
Of the somber trees
Underneath my feet…

And I could feel 
The pain of the wind
the twinge of parting
the tears of separation.
the woeful flame
Of lost love
Sigh! how gloomy are these
Bowed desolate trees
On this valediction of
Their brittle friends:
Those pastel leaves.

Some trampled thoughts,
clinging in my vacant mind
To draw that vivid scene,
that once the garden had
its charming spring.



11 thoughts on “A Walk In Autumn Garden

  1. Beautiful Hira. You have captured the mood of autumn through the eyes of lost love perfectly. I once began a love story in the autumn and therefore autumn became a special time, almost like a second spring for me. I wonder if you would be up for a small challenge to shift your perspective to “new love in autumn” and see what might come from that. Freewill choice, of course. Only if it would be your pleasure to do so. A bit of acting required perhaps but I feel you could do it. Blessings, Alia

    • Hey Alia,
      I am honored by your say. You really humble me by your beautiful say and I really love your views, every now and then.
      And thanks a lot for hitting my brain with an inspiration for a new composition. I surely’ll give it a try.
      Much love and greetings for you. ❤

  2. Hira, reading your words was as if I was your shadow walking with you. Your words so discriptively said and captured the moment so brilliantly. There are harvests of sadness and some of joy! I always have seen there will be more happy ones than sad! I believe this for you also. Your words shine with your life-light even when they are a little sad! But it is always so wonderful to take a walk along life’s path with what lives within the halls of your heart, mind, and soul! God bless dear sister and smile as i smile always with the words you share!

  3. Aww. This is so kind of you. You touched my heart with this warming say of yours, brother. Much humbled. And I wish all the happiness and blessings for you.
    A Lot of love and prayers be sent your way.
    God Bless!
    Thanks for the sweet say.

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