Some Tacit Stories…

Walking silently
Along the quiet pavements
I am, but a
Dazed passenger

With a lonely mind,
Intricate memoirs
And seeking eyes
I staggered over,
A forsaken cenotaph –

The cenotaph of two paramours
Once subsisted,
Lived the love
and now ceased 

Amid the murky picture
This epitome tells the story;
Of love profound,
A silent sound,
Those shining eyes,
Those glossy lips,
That intense sentiment
With the true warmth

But, in the darkness of night
Its walls rebel silently
To narrate the bitter truth –
A truth of brutality,
Of calm opposition,
Of piercing parting,
Of life’s reality,
Of all actuality
And a lifeless tale

I, a common listener
A perplexed voyager
And the hostile spectator
Leaves mutely;
in the morning dawn

For some stories,
are always tacit
Behind the walls..
Amidst the hearts,
And beneath the covers.

Published in: Revolution Flame
Photo Credits: Anxiel Photography


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