Departing Sunset

A composition from my very initial poetry. The time, I was a newbie and didn’t know anything about writing.

On the cold stale sand
of the forlorn blue shore,
is where I stand mope;
With a broken silent heart
a perplexed puzzled soul
and a lost aimless being..

In this hour of throb,
I still bid farewell;
to the warmth and care,
charm and elegance,
love and affection
of my betraying beloved..

Leaving along,
This departing sunset..


4 thoughts on “Departing Sunset

  1. Well writing but sad, your emotions in your words move my heart, as your brother I wish you might smile and let your bright light shine again through your words. I have a gift for you that I posted last night Hira, I have nominated you for the Most Influential Blog Award 2012. You words influence many touching the deep inner parts, they know of love, and feel of genuine love, and your spirit brings it life-light to gently embrace each reader-friend! I have been influenced by your words my sister and know that your words help make our lives in this world a little better! So please accept this small token of appreciation! God bless you and your family always…and congratulations…I posted the announcement on my blog yesterday!

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