The Symphony Of Life..



The upraising sound
of the riotous splashes,
The melodic peeping
of the joyous birds,
The shrieking cries
of the woeful lover,
The zealous frisson
of a frisky kid,
The lively glee
of the best buddies,
The soothing whispers
of the gentle wind,
The clarion calls
of a demanding sister,
The warming tone
of an affable mother,
The concerned tune
of a selfless father,
The naughty commands
of an annoying brother,
The voice of love
The speech of friendship
The syllogism of peace
All gathers in one piece,
Just to enrich and enhance,
The Symphony Of Life…


6 thoughts on “The Symphony Of Life..

  1. Absolutely brilliant Hira, I’m not surprised you won seeing how great the piece is.
    I love how you create that analogies between two things and they always go together so perfectly!
    Really enjoy going through your blog! =)
    Much love

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