A Dream That Was…

I wasn’t having any intention of writing this but then, the so doting and tender feeling I experienced after this, coerced me to jot down the thoughts in words and blacken some sheets. After a sound sleep at night I woke up with this so scenic feeling, which surely was a present of the lucid and blissful dream that escorted me last night. I had a dream which was not much varied than the usual ordinary dreams I usually cherish, but what made it worthwhile and special was the gentle sentiment it embraced me with.

I had a dream in which I saw one of my friends, who is not in touch these days. Or if she is, I don’t smell the same vibe among us. Ok, so not moaning about that, I saw my friend in a really joyous mood. She was wandering around having a happy hour. Everything was in good spirits. The scenario seemed to be very jovial and glee.

But the bizarre part is that the dream was so clear, so pure and so true that when I woke up, for sometime I couldn’t come out of the illusion it created. It was so chaste that I was mesmerized by the effect it left over the neural cells of my brain. It isn’t that I don’t dream most often or I saw any of my friends for the first time but the fact is that it seemed so factual, so real as if I was having my friend in real. Ok, not involving into any sort of psychology, it really was something warming the heart and soul. It is not that the person is on my mind but the dream I had really enthralled me.

It made me wonder; how pure, how genuine, how innocuous the dreams are. It made me ponder over the realistic sentiments we keep for people even after all their egocentricity and mean nature. For an instant, I wondered how altruistically the dreams are woven in our heads, giving us the heartfelt look of even those; who are no more true and honest in our lives, which have diverted their routes, and just turned into a beautiful memory that would be once recalled with warmth while being in retrospect. I was fascinated to sense the love we keep in our feelings and emotions which turn to be so strong at times that they just transcend the barriers and portray the black in white and the blue in green. However, it is the faithfulness and the adoration we keep in hearts even after all the double faced ness we face from people, or let it be the charm of cloud-cuckoo-land; dreams do expose the unusual at times. I am not a person who really lives in delusions and the grip of dreams, but at times they give you such a soothing feeling that it becomes hard to realize it even.

And as once it was said;
“A dream is a wish, your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.”

So yeah, it can be said;

Do dream about  sincerity,
to deny the bitter realities;
The realities that keep,
fake and false impressions..

Do dream about love,
to resist the piercing facts;
The facts of hatred,
of all the abhorrence and disgust..

Do dream about loyalty,
to escape the harsh veracity;
The one that stings,
with deceit and betrayal..

Dream my child!
O’ love! do thee dream?
For dreams can soothe
the hearts so gashed,
For they can brake
the lives so dashed,
For they always mend
the minds that are bend,
O’ love! thou do dream,
For dreams are nothing,
But the say of heart
that comes through the soul..


4 thoughts on “A Dream That Was…

  1. I love the picture. I like it that you also describe stuff with pictures attached to it. It gives a different and great feel altogether. I also second the way you have talked about dreams here. It’s quite true actually.

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