Arrival Of December!

DISCLAIMER: Though December is gone, but this month and its coldness has always been an eye-catching theme to spin around by words. And yes, when the life is full of all that coldness and  hostility of fate, the blues and the hard lucks and all that whining. Ok,  it is said by one of my friend:
        ” When COLD is the only known season.”
So, yeah. Whatever. Here it is.

Lost in the gelid coolness,

 I found myself

 in bewildered thoughts.


Gathered by

 Some numb emotions,

 Few forsaken memories,

 Those burnt feelings,

 A dark gloomy vibe.


I, in my aimlessness

 Sensed around

 The mist so intense,

 The frost so piercing,

 The dew so fixed,

 The wind so sharp,

 Warmth of that finished love,

 Ashes of the broken trust.


Lugubriousness of mislaid memoirs,

 Sighs of despair,

 Flakes of parting,

 Tears of laughter,

 Hotness of the tea mug,

 Crisp of the crackers,

 Smoke of the fire

 and warmth of the inside.


Tho’ I,

 Being in senselessness

 heard the whisper of arrival.

 Arrival of my nostalgic chum;

 That dismal December,

 A lonesome December,

 My deserted December,

 Your chilling December.


It came;

 Like a single figure

 of many sides.


Like a single colour,

 of many hues.


Like a single spirit,

 of lovely grins

 and all the sins…

Published in US magazine.

It was published in January issue of Identity Magazine as well.


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