A Day In A Kid’s Shoes

In Accordance To Street Children Campaign Of Revolution Flame
A day in a kid’s shoes sound so much fun. All the beautiful toys, the luxuries, the pretty cute hang outs, the little mischievous acts, those pass time games, yummy food and what not. Sketches out like a pretty fantasy land or world of all factionary characters, eh?Hang on! Take a deep breathe, and come down to the ground of realities where there are some bitter and harsh truths to be faced. Yes, you’ve got it. I am referring to a cycle of some hours spent in the coarse shoes of that poverty stricken kid, who loiters in search of trash in our streets rather than going to school, who works at a railway station or a mechanic work shop or at a road side hotel to earn bread twice a day or who just live in the miseries of life, dangling in pursuit of a better tomorrow.

street children06

Ok, whatever the case is, a day experience with a street’s kid is such an eye opener. The hours spent in the company of all those kids showed how it feels to live in a vibe where every second is uncertain; about the food, the livelihood, and the set up, the living, the health and every thing. How it is sensed when even after all the hard ships one still smiles and tries to live in an hour of glee. After listening to their stories, it was clearly depicted that these kids are the true angels. The hard slog they’ve to do in these tender ages is awful. Whether that is the task of lifting and cleaning at work shops or handling heavy loads at a railway station, running and selling goods at bus stops or loitering and tolerating the foul odors at trash dumps; nothing is easy, not a single task at all. Life for these kids is not as easy as it is reckoned. They’ve to work, every now and then, for earning to support themselves and their families. At the age of going schools and learning, rejoicing the childhood and spending a relax time; they suffer and see all the hard ships and tough time.

street children04

It was a very different experience to sit with these kids; listen to their stories, share their burdens, spread some smiles and give away some tokens of love. Listening to every one
life’s tale, it was clear that they’ve to kill their wishes and desires most of the times. The spark of those unfilled yearning in their eyes narrated a lot. The sighs and craving for many luxuries and delights was clearly seen in their accents and talks. They are of the ages when kids go to schools, learn and enjoy the stages of growing up but they’ve to work day and night in order to live and let their families get a meal twice a day. It was saddening to see how they kill their wishes, their yearnings and the needs to support the families. It isn’t as they were not interested in seeking knowledge and going to school as every other kid’s second enlighten would be about the longing to go to school and get educated.

street children02

The experience of spending time with them opened many chapters of reality; though smiles were spread on these wretched faces alongside all the love, laughter and endowment, which surely aided some colors in their lifeless pictures. It was a little step towards a long journey, which surely will lead towards the betterment of these poverty and misery stricken neglected beings. We’ve to add a bit of our part into this in order to make it an affective and a long run cause of positivism, love, betterment and improvising the lives of these kids, who are going to be the future of our nation and are surely the token of our tomorrow.

Photo Credits: Bilal Farooq

Published at: Revolution Flame


2 thoughts on “A Day In A Kid’s Shoes

  1. Thank you for this. My heart goes out to kids like these and all other poverty stricken children out there. Reading this helped me realise just how ungrateful we truly are and how much more we have, how good life really is despite its many short comings!
    Lovely post as always Hira!

  2. @HiraNazir- Whenever I feel like complaining about the things I don’t have,I think about these kids and instantly feel ashamed of myself.Reminds me of a quote (don’t remember the source) -“The things you take for granted are things someone else if praying for”.

    A really moving line of your post was-” it was clear that they’ve to kill their wishes and desires most of the times”.When we kill a child’s right to dream,wish and desire,we know we’ve terribly as a society.

    Thought provoking post.Well written.

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