One Color, Many Shades

It flew!
Bewildered and confused,
Without any despair.
That’s the Strength.

It danced!
Blithely and mirthfully,
When blooming spring arrived.
That’s the Love.

It worked!
Unfeignedly with devotion,
For survival of all.
That’s the Earnestness.

It defended!
Bravely with courage,
For the love of fellows.
That’s the Sacrifice.

Hopeless I stood,
amongst the woods.
When my eyes,
were greeted by
This aspirant being.
A niggling soul
But a ‘lot’ of;
Hope and Life.
Zeal and Ability.

I envied,
The Creator!
For this staggering Creation.
A sign of Zest,
A ray of Desire,
A pattern of Art,
A symbol of Freedom.
As if,
One color, many shades!

Published at: Revolution Flame


9 thoughts on “One Color, Many Shades

  1. Beautiful painting with words .Wonderful thought .Life is a gift but we have to appreciate it and face what ever it brings. Regards.jalal

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