Well, I’m not much into art. In fact, I am the worst artist you could ever expect on the face of this earth. But crayons are something I can say, always ended up on a good note with me. Also, I’m adept in making hand made cards; the ones in which we just cut and paste.

So, it has been raining for quite a long span lately. I was in the sheer mood of wasting time and not studying. Finally, I accompanied my art box. Rain has always been something very eye-catching for me. And my eternal love for tea is too obvious, so I ended up making this ugly drawing, I felt proud about.

IMAG0117          IMAG0118-1-1

Yes, a cup of tea. Hahaha, too naive and immature piece of doodle art.

It pours,
Drop by drop –
The rain.

And give me space,
To sit a long;
A window’s pane.

I, along my asset
A cup of tea, the blank sheet and pen –
The perfect match we make, a friend.

Listen to the deathless woes
Sung by the drip drop,
To the desolate earth.

Tap with the melodies
Those echoing symphanies,
Of the parting fall, the rain.

I, in my emptiness
Blackened the sheets;
With euphoric crhonicles,
Some longing unfed hopes,
Few mislaid dead desires
And the dreading sighs.

It was, the moment being cherished
By the lyrics and rhymes
And it is I’ll treasure,
For the rest of lifetime;
For it was, inside the soul
The birth of a poet.

– H.N
Published in: Us magazine.


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