Untitled Poesy…

In the glum and glee
of the night that’s be
I feel a solace;
From the chronicles
alongside that earstwhile bed of ours.

O’ my angel! do thou heed?
The seam, where souls were warmed
The love was cuddled,
Ah! where hearts were broken
and routes were parted.

I, in my void, am still here,
Bedded down and gazing –
the persona, which greets my sight.
It sings to me –
the symphony and jingles of zest.
It recounts with melody –
the murmurs of hush.
It retrace with precise –
all the torn images.

Lost in memoirs,
I mutely snug the eyes
A wave of soothe –
passes my tormented spirit
And I, in the vibe of await
sleeps peacefully to demise.


10 thoughts on “Untitled Poesy…

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  2. I like that this is a little old fashioned, a little sweet, and very interesting. Nice work balancing tempo, word choice, and avoiding the modern poet`s pitfall of being ‘too deep’.

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