How do I write?

I don’t know,
in which weather, do I
write of thou.
When the night is dark
and the moments are silent,
How do I, mention of thee.
The memoirs;
sprouting in my heart –
In the garden you created –
of love and warmth.

In the journey of life;
I stumbled, you supported
I cried, you comforted
I freaked, you suggested –
The care of thy hands;
Warmed me up,
Wiped my tears
and dissolved all the fears.
In the seasons of love;
– Summer –
Sharing the shades of harmony,
Under the tree of happiness.

And the colors so vibrant, that of
– Spring –
The bliss it’d always bring
The moments of laughter, joy and loyalty.

I know not,
if any words could frame –
the bond we shared and grew.
The bond of sincerity –
in the coldness of winter,
The thread of solace –
in that gloomy autumn…

Today I stand, lonesome
But in a strange limbo.
I feel your presence –
like a cypress, grown around me.
I hear the echoe, of your voice –
like a dabble being made.
I yell in the memories of gaiety –
of fanatic experiences, we had
and explored in zest.

I don’t know ,
In which vibe could I write –
of thee and me,
For any weather, can never be enough
to murmur the depth of my feelings –
Of how much I MISS THEE,
in this hour of moi being
Where everything I have –
But nothing that’s thou.


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