Tangled Threads.

We all come into this world as babies. Frail, helpless and delicate beings whose first cry becomes a source of joy for others. Apparently, the only cry which spread elation. I’ve always been rubbing my neural cells over the stance of “Generation Gap.” Have seen it so many times in my life, the resulting misunderstandings, the bitterness, all the tears which flow out due to this very dilemma; I usually wonder whether these are us, the children who fail to understand the parents or it is the parents’ failure who can not grab a child’s mentality beyond the limits of mere studies and career making.

Yes, it affects in every case but it really ruins everything when this gap comes between a kid and his parents. It is not only about the two parties involved but it really affects each and every person of the family. Sitting here, in this lonesome hour of the night, I am still stuck in that incident I’ve seen between two very close relations in my life which made me think again, where is actually the short comings? Yes, we never deny our parents’ efforts. Their sacrifices and all that they do for our better living but what if in providing good education, proper livelihood and all that which is apprently needed for a better living; they fail to provide the mutual relation of understanding to their kids. How heart wrenching it is when a parent can not understand his kid. When a father fails to grasp the chaos of his son’s mind. When a mother fails to grab the happenings in her daughter’s life. Is it all about money? About the facilities? About good food, proper clothes and nice hangouts? Certainly Not. What actually pricking is the response of parents when they explore that while they were too busy in earning a better livelihood for their kids, the poor children went for drugs and all such narcotics to find solace and apprehension. Yes, every parent will yell, shout and get angry at such moments, blaming the kid, making him realize the luxuries being provided but completely forgetting that the very kid is still a little child with a very fragile heart, sentiments and emotions which seek attention. And while you were too busy in earning money he went on the wrong path to grab comfort.

It is not all about parents either, surely the matter is equally dependent upon kids too. Yes, when a child shouts, misbehaves, abuses his very own mother; the heart gets torn apart. When you torture your very father so much that he ends up getting a mild heart attack, a persistent sting of tension and worry, it break the nerves. Yes, it shouldn’t be marked as the loose hand being given by the parents but actually the fate which turned its ball against the wind and rather than making the kid feel the blessings, spoiled him up to an extent that by now, he is standing with a raised voice and high neck infront of those who are the reasons of his presence on this planet.

Seeing, experiencing, facing all these happenings every other day, my mind really gets numbed sometimes. Who is supposed to be the owner of this guilt? Who to blame actually? Yes, we always say that it is a mutual matter to be resolved but still, where actually the thing is lacking? Why a certain child-parent conflict forgets that there are other poor beings dwelling in the same house, getting affected and traumatized. No, do not start judging about my family conditions. It is the story of every second home. We’ve built such thick walls around ourselves that we’ve almost concealed everything. Suffocation has been created. A parent earning, providing facilities, luxuries, paying for education, and fulfilling every need of a kid assume, he has done his job. While completely forgetting that the kid needs love and attention more, at the first place. He wants to be understood and talked to. He wants to go on his path and chase his dreams rather than just becoming the slave of his parents or society’s will and set standards. And yes, cursed is the child who can not understand and value his parents’ sacrifices. Who completely forgets that if today he is yelling and torturing his parents, tomorrow he is going to see the same roll.

But the question is still there, who to blame? Who is actually responsible? We are too inflexible to bend and apprehend each other. The threads of relation eventually get torn apart, not only affecting one or two but the whole troop. And believe me, the prick, the ache, the heat of ashes, the regrets, affect others more than those cold and hostile beings involved. And yet everyone’s life becomes an epitome of tangled threads. No body listens. Yes, not a single one. Everyone has got a plethora of points to justify the stance but not to be a bit flexible for resolving the matter and saving many lives. Yes, everyone becomes as hard as concrete. We are really piteous creatures. We ruin things. We cry over them. We feel proud, too, for the sake of satisfaction. Yet again, we repent and regret much. We are the root of all the heart ache. We, our very ownselves!


In the troop of living
We are connected
Via delicate threads –
Forever named as relations.

But, amidst the harsh wind,
We get  firm as rocks,
Forgetting the love
and irreplaceable warmth.

Our gulps get stiff,
Hearts poisoned,
Spirits loathed
And lives hostile.

In the nameless chaos,
That marks the moment,
When a thread breaks
And ends a tale.




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