Aik aas thi, tum aogey. Tou zindagi khil jaye ge (8)

He won her over; sweet smile, amazing charm, and intellect. It was all great until it wasn’t… the man she was falling for no longer existed. He was gone out the door and in came the real him, the jerk, the one that only cared about his needs and didn’t care if he hurt her or not. She realized she met the “representative,” the guy he knew she’d fall for, the one that would appeal to her mind, body, and soul. The intense pain that comes with being jerked up out a situation you so dearly valued, and thrown into a world that feels so cold and unknown. You feel worthless, alone, and scared. Everything you knew, everything you wanted, and everything you understood, gone so swiftly.

His smile would give you butterflies, and his gentle call churns your giggles up and the sweet aura of just being around, woosh, you begin to think;  is this real and then balls turn in the court and the guy you long for never comes back in your life. And suddenly the midnight text no longer exists, the early morning flowers do not smell good, there is no stomach ache laughters, no silent gazes and no more faster heartbeats – it all ends with one flow.

While his life will be filled with nothing but regret for letting you go, yours will be filled with nothing but happiness for walking away.

Sip the coffee away, take the winter into your soul, close the book, sleep.


4 thoughts on “Aik aas thi, tum aogey. Tou zindagi khil jaye ge (8)

  1. This one’s dedicated to the beautiful title of the post:

    Aik aas thi tum aoge to zindagi khil jaegi,
    Pooray hojayaingay sub armaa, har khushi mil jaegi

    Par wo lamha aa na seka,
    Mai ussay jeet ker bhi, ussay paa na seka

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