22 things you’d learn before turning 21!

I had this post in my mind ever since I cut my birthday cake on the 23rd of October, yes, I turned 21; sink in it. Let’s just get along it, cutting on the procrastination which comes irrespective of the age.

1. The world doesn’t owe you a thing, neither does it revolve around you. You don’t need anyone to make you feel good, your parents were new in all the babies thing and you weren’t dropped on the floor by the way; never do anything which will make them regret all the effort being put up in making the person you’re.

2. Listen? Do you need the feel to abuse Kim Kardashian on Twitter? Do you want to assassinate XYZ’s character on a Whatsapp group or do you really like to backbite about ABC on Facebook? Stop yourself. What good are you going to bring in the world by doing it? Nothing, just don’t do it. Don’t feed your ego on someone’s else misery.

3. It’s okay to bunk 3 classes in the university in a row, miss 8 lectures in a week, eat 5 cheat meals in a day and yawn 10 times repeatedly in half an hour during that 2 hours long boring lecture on a weekend. It’s okay to flunk a paper, fail a test or two, wrong a project task or not do the assignment. Repeat after me; Your grades do not define you. Your grades do not define you. Your grades do not define you.

4. Stand up for yourself sometimes, even in front of your close ones; whenever you feel like your dignity and esteem has been compromised. It feels good to live by the set rules and standards you once made in your conscience with the comfort of your heart; don’t cheat on them. Have a goal in life, don’t be a blind fool, stay focused, chase a target…..SUCCEED!

5. Hey, you! Yes, you. Got a second? Listen to me. Your broken heart will mend, yes it’ll be, never give the power to someone to destroy you. Still crying over that lost love in the start of the fall or that jerk who once claimed to be in love with you, with whom you felt complete? DON’T! Had it been made to stay, had he meant his words, had it kept any reality…it’d have stayed but it doesn’t and it didn’t. Don’t hurt your eyes and heart and soul over someone who never meant it, who doesn’t do anything to bring peace and harmony to you, write in your notebook; THE BEST IS YET TO COME. THE BEST IS YET TO COME. THE BEST IS YET TO COME.

6. Drink ice-cream sometimes, yes, let it melt away and then drink it. Don’t settle for bad tea, it’s okay to re-read a book as soon as you finished it, your sister is going to take your belongings and never return, your brother is going to screw your things and annoy the hell out of you; it’s ok, nod, let go, smile. People you love will tease you, that’s acceptable but bad salads, dirty shoes, ugly frames of glasses and irritating scents aren’t. Like ewww, who does that.

7. Accidents are going to happen and you’re not to be blamed, you’re going to screw up things so sit down, keep calm. No one is going to die if you immediately don’t respond to a call or a text or a mail, learn to be less available to people at a stage.

8. Hey, listen! STOP TRUSTING EVERYONE. A single smile and the next moment you and life as an open book to this random stranger at the bus stop; DON’T BE THAT PERSON, Ok? Ok? OK? Ok. Learn to keep your secrets, to face your problems, to see your fears; don’t live on others’ shoulders, don’t carry the world’s burden on yours either.

9. Someone is going to come into your life to tell you that you’re made of spark and shine and everything bright. That it’s absolutely okay with him to see you without makeup, to serve you food in your old pjs, to touch your fat cheeks and bulky thighs and to be with you in every good and bad accepting you the way you’re because you’re his precious, you mean to him, you’re his world; he wants you. LET HIM LOVE YOU and stop over-analyzing it, you’re not Angelina Joli or Victoria Bekham; just move with the flow and stop pushing away every blue, green, purple, pink; that comes into your life. Ok? Drink water a lot. Your soulmate will be someone for whom you’ll give up on your rules and compromise; that’s THE ONE.

10. If you’re unhappy and someone offers you a way out, take it. You don’t owe your first job years of loyalty and your first-born; you don’t have to stay in your city just because you’re on a first-name basis with the bodega guy. Do what feels right; the initial fear will give way to excitement. Play a sport daily, wear a watch and make it your signature, let people recognize you by the class you carry and hey! Flush properly after leaving a toilet like come on! Who’d leave that stained something inside there, eww..err..

11. When your mother says you’re wrong, listen to her, she brought you in the world, she’s a deal. Your dad might develop insecurities regarding you coming late at night, win his confidence in yourself, be honest enough; don’t give him sleepless nights.

12. Don’t break a heart, don’t just get into a relationship because you’re so bored af or you just need a change like hey, nobody bribes over someone’s heartache, why you?

13. Keep a goal to achieve, don’t wander like a mad man, study, be successful; the world already has a BIG lot of unproductive dudes; you’re not needed there, kay?

14. When someone tells you that life’s all about laughter and dancing and getting carried away and carefree aura; punch them right in their face because it’s certainly not. You’re responsible for few things, you’re needed in the lives of those FEW ones to whom you make a HUGE difference, you’re not a waste, you’re answerable at some points; acknowledge it. Maintain a midline everywhere, smile so often that you’re not stressed, cry enough ONLY to not lose the touch of reality.

15. Wear beautiful socks and nicely fitting undergarments, life is too short to have a bad hair day, tie them nicely, send random texts to your people and tell them you love them, there’s a reason they’re called ex’s, don’t overthink about them. Listen? learn to cook. LIKE NO ONE IS GOING TO SERVE YOU EVERYTIME AND IT’S NOT A GOOD FEELING TO JUST MUNCH ON BISCUITS EVERYTIME, YA.

16. Hey! Be generous. Give money to your servants without letting anyone know about it. Smile at your college’s peons and ask about their well-being, YOUR TEACHER ISN’T YOUR SERVANT!!!!! Respect him, don’t be a hypocrite, just say it at face, to that over-smart kid of your class; although you don’t like his nosy business but you’re a flexible soul to accept people with all their flaws. See the magic, befriend the same person.

17. There’s always going to be that one friend, who’ll put up with your shit, hold your hand and tell you, you’re perfect, sit by your side in the public bus, accompany you in your hunt of stalking that one handsome senior, listen to your rants, abuses and never shut you up, always help you stand high and never turn his back on you; HEY! HOLD ON TO HIM TIGHT. Don’t let this one go away, this friend is YOUR PERSON, you’re not going to get any such again.

18. Don’t compromise on the idea of wearing your favorite pants only because you can’t stop yourself from grazing day in, day out. RUN! RUN! RUN! The idea and comfort of health is better than the gluttony, the former will stay for longer the later is going to be dumped in the toilet. Burn that fat, and psst! Go for shopping. Treat yourself often. Be humble. Sacrifice. Read a book all night long, build castles in the air and imaginary wedding on pinterest, sleep till noon; BECAUSE IT’S OKAY!

19. You’ll get to know that your best friend has backbitten about you. Your closest friend has leaked your secrets and your kindest friend has broken your trust; it’s okay, make settlement with the fact that life is ought to be so, there still will be that ONE person to restore your faith; don’t run from your problems, don’t dodge them, they’ll carve you in your better version. Have a strong nerve, cry too but hey! Laugh.  School will wreck you over but it wont kill you. The world wont stop spinning if you have to step off for a bit. People are more concerned about how they look as opposed to how you look. Not every MNO post on facebook or a picture on instagram is about you, SIT DOWN!!

20. Use proper tenses and nice sentence structure, but it’s ok to use you’re instead of your at times. Don’t tell people they suck and even if they do, find a nicer way to convey, nobody wakes up to please you, lower the bar of expectations, sleep on nicely made beds, have warm, cozy hoodies, breath in chilling cold in early morning; that winter feel is just priceless. Walk more often, don’t be a lousy turtle. You’ll always be a little 1 year old in your parents eyes. Asking for help doesn’t make you weak. Ask questions, it’s okay that you don’t understand. It’s also okay to be stupid and foolish but don’t be a laughing stock to every thin and fat like who does that, ya.

21. Never shout to be heard.  Don’t worry if you’re not doing what everyone else is doing. EARN respect, don’t just get it. You will hate yourself and then love yourself and then be indifferent and then hate yourself again. You will wake up at three in the morning and realize that you’re leading nowhere, bawl your eyes out because it’s okay. You’ll be homesick after leaving for boarding, it’s okay, take your mom’s shawl and smell it, nothing wrong in smelling your socks sometimes or loving the aroma of shoe polish, petrol, new books, and fresh paint. Read often, learn from your mistakes quickly, never repeat them, REMEMBER, NEVER!!!!!!!!!

22.  Social media is worthless and sitting with your family is all that matters, success isn’t in the bank balance but in the satisfaction when you’ll look back at the age of sixty and have a contended smile. Pray regularly. Be connected to who created you. Don’t waste thousands on the first birthday of your kid, like he’s ever going to remember it, don’t spend lacs on that dress you’ll wear for 30 minutes because DUH!

23. Don’t assume in every situation, calm those brain cells. Be open to new ideas, be tolerant, have a strategy in things you do but it’s okay if you’re lost quite often, interact with people, be prepared to always learn. You’ll be overcome by sudden and strong feelings and it’ll freak you out but you’ll get through. Don’t let a success go to your head and a failure go to your heart, be stable, be loving, balance is the key but it’s okay to do yoga one night and dance the other night; don’t judge, give people an edge. Write 23 points when you’ve spoken of 22 in the caption because why not.


10 thoughts on “22 things you’d learn before turning 21!

  1. This post really made my day. I thought, I am the only one who learned these things. Happy to see another person with same thoughts.

    Stay blessed

  2. THanks for making me smile like a LOT with that Incredible post, I have learned many of what you said but not many still, i hope i do learn them the easy way though. If you have more posts like these and if you still are the same person then i am your BLog’s fan 😀 Not yours necessarily, i don’t even know you duh .-.

    Keep up the good work 😀

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