I saw you;
in the smile of your lips –
the depression in the cheeks,
that spark, my heart.

The intoxication of eyes –
quenching the thirst of my soul,
awaiting you; on every shore,
orange cotton sunset,
taking my breath,
every step, the slumber of my
leaving laughter, poisoned.

O’ I see,
My story, the fading shine –
crimson red, deep purple,
colors of your face, deceive;
lowered tone, frozen eyes –
I caught your last glimpse,
in the melancholy of love,
in the living epitome of life,
my love was dissolved,
O’ sweet touch, my sacred memory.

5 thoughts on “Twirl.

  1. Hey you’re really good:)
    I’ve started a blog it’s and I pretty much write my poetry and other short stories I’ve been thinking on 🙂
    I would be glad if you could let me know what you think of it.

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