Evening –


Under the crimson sky, her face sparkled. He could feel her golden dusted hair from far apart.
Her lipstick stained coffee cup flashed in front of his eyes, he stumbled suddenly. -giggle-
He could hear her, amidst all the whooshing noise of wind, he breathed in her voice.
The warmth felt going, the ice cold vibes clothed his soul, he choked.
-revelatory shook-
The touch was lost, his breathe paused –
Losing has never been this difficult.


She gasped while she read his days old letters, the love-calls
Along the window side, a coffee mug in her hands – the rain splashed across the front pages;
And then her face. It broke something inside, the crunching could be heard clearly.
“Oh! It’s the heart.” She murmured in the state of trance, hysterically.
Her face started falling blue, her lips quivered and dried, her skin stiff;
He took along her soul, the body cage was set free –
“What a damage the loss caused, how heartless!” –
Her voice echoed in the hall for the last time,
The coffee turned cold by then.


The walk down the memory lane proven to be deranged, taking away two souls in dismay;
Distance has always been cruel but more were the hearts –
How the brightest were burnt in love –
The inked letters were all soaked in rain, blank pages left behind;
it has never been truer, the incomplete story of intimacy –
going through the retrospect, reminiscing the past has always been the hardest.


Bidding farewell.

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