Aching mind, crumbled soul!

Burnt so bright, like a flickering sun; the precious love was so holy – took away my breath.
“It all began with a metaphor and metaphors are dangerous.”
It kicks in with a rain pouring over your window’s pane, it ends up with your soul drenched; how similar is – the season of my streaming feelings, all soaked.
Steaming cups, empty corridors, evening walks and lonely paths; does that how a parted bond smell like?
All so queer.
Flying ashes in summery noons,
Empty, cold eyes in wintry nights,
Hollow smiles of springs,
Crunching trusts of crispy autumn;
Oh my dear, is that how you lived the seasons of that charming ’11?

Warmth wrapped care for your distant smile and precious touch for that callous shadow;
You exhausted me of my own spark, is that what your brutal call was always meant for?

For now, amidst the chaos, I feel disconnected
For you robbed me of my thriving spirit in serenity.
What happened to your heart now, does it sing?
All the love songs you once claimed in gold & dust.
That sunset was so bitter, the moment you left;
My beats haven’t lived since then, you took away eternity.


2 thoughts on “Aching mind, crumbled soul!

  1. the emotions you share in your words touch the soul! It is easy to read what is real to us all in our lives at one time or another. Thanks for always sharing the deepness of your heart!

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