If Life throws Lemons at you, make a Lemonade.

Lemons are good but so are strawberries and mangoes and butterflies and happy vibes and lemonade! Did I just say a lemonade? Yes! A CHILLED MINT LEMONADE, on a scorching hot day or umm, after a break up or a failure or a huge loss in your hard established business or those restless winter nights and sulky summery afternoons, lemonade is your answer for all these downfalls.
Life can be good, like a gooey, moist chocolate cake, taking you into its wings and letting you bask in the warmth. It can be so embracing and merciful, you’d feel your heart popping out of your chest due to the excitement. An encouraging friend who brings the best out of you, a supportive family who is always crazily mad about your new passions, a lovable teacher who makes you explore the best of your adventures, that stupid, silly gang of your college with whom you love to hang around, a birthday present right before you stopped expecting anything from your circle, a happy note in your book, a coin in your old wallet and so many such moments when your stomach was filled with butterflies and your heart, with the spark of igniting laughter. How many times did you think this, right here, is the prime and supreme of all the glory? How many times you’d not rest for a second because life was so overwhelming, you needed a minute to handle it?

Then, why everytime after a single pause we forget to re-start and think it’s the end? How many times did you indulged into binge eating after a break up thinking you’re not worth it? Or how many times did you try to commit suicide after having a rough phase, considering, ‘it couldn’t get any worse?” How many times you thought your mother is your worst enemy and tried to run away or how many times you tried to pray for your life to end because the bricks it threw were too heavy to be lifted and too few to be used into making a building?

Life is uncertain, it sure as hell is. Then why we give up after every hard time and lose our touch in the running chaos? In life we create certain ties with certain people in certain times, certain places but sometimes these certain ties need to be broken or ended. Detachment isn’t an easy process. Detachment isn’t as good as it looks. It can be messy, can dry up all the patience you have. Detachment takes time and effort. Detachment takes twice as much hard work as attachment. In detachment you forgive, forget, let go, move on, you lose and win. In detachment, you will find yourself and maybe you’ll lose them instead. But detachment is healthy especially when detaching from toxic people. Detachment can help you as long as you help yourself. Detach yourself from the things which are drying up your energies and yourself, which make you regret and cry, which make you exhausted of your own potential.

In all the struggle that life can be, we end up taking so much for granted. A heartbreak harbors the satisfying comfort of love we are supposed to absorb; illness makes us prone to hate. Procrastination makes it all so elusive. We can see it, right in the moment, but we don’t reach it out. Over the time you’ll realize that your only big moments would be the tiniest one – your poor birthday surprises and your closes intimacy with grandma in the sunny afternoon listening to the golden 90’s songs.

Don’t sit along your stack of lemons dropped by life. Make some tarts out of those lemons and enjoy them at the beach. Make some pies and have a tea party. Ask yourself why. Ask yourself why now. Ask yourself what. Ask yourself how. Ask yourself when. It’s hard to do something without a concrete reason why you’re doing it in the first place. Establish a strong reason that you can depend on as you go deeper into the road of betterment. This reason must be enough to make you decide to detach fully from all that which has been upsetting, and that reason will help you through every day that you are slowly detaching yourself from the bad, discouragement and everything which has been keeping you back.

It should be progressive. A one- time big time reason won’t last and so would you. This reason should make you find yourself even during the times that all hope is lost.  Find the root cause and start looking at how it affects you, the people around you. Look around you, look at yourself. Detach yourself when you know you’re losing it.

While taking a walk in your university with the aura of sunset around, leave a little regret over the pavement, throw away the day’s drama in the road-side canal and let go of a grudge. Smile at the birds flying back towards their homes – wave. Eat a healthy dinner, feel the sun soothing your soul, and celebrate the moment, make peace with the sorrows, laugh. Then, open a blank page in the memoirs of your living existence and speak your heart out, dance – celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

Remember, when lemons are showered over you, embrace them, have fun around them, be so strong to overpower them, come out of it as a survivor with your strength and strong gut and don’t forget to make some lemonade while you’re at it, celebrating and partying – also, do squeeze some of the lemons back into the eyes of life which thought you’ll lose or the ones who pushed you back.


11 thoughts on “If Life throws Lemons at you, make a Lemonade.

  1. I just loved it 🙂

    The way you take it all the way from lemonade in the scorching heat of sun to the Suicide attempts we had been involved in.

    It was like reading something which i had long desired to 🙂 Thank you for sharing your wonderful thoughts in literary masterpieces like this 😀

    happy breathing 🙂

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