Amusing WhatsApp Statuses

Brilliantly put. Hilarious!

Sanika Pandit

Some WhatsApp statuses never fail to amuse me. It’s pretty funny when people upload statuses in a context which only they can understand.

1) “Finally over!!!”
Kya khatam hua? Exams ya 14 saal ka vanvaas?
2) “Band-aids don’t fix bullet holes”

Haan bhai, yeh toh malum hi nahi tha! Mujhe laga ki dettol laga ke, band-aid lagaake goli magically dissappear ho jayegi!

3) “Best day ever!”
Kyun aisa kya hua?

Beta hua hai ya beti?

lottery lagi hai?

Rickshaw ke liye kum paise lage ya fir dress pe discount mil gaya?

Aapka best day ever toh ek baar se jyaada aata hai ji. Lol.

4) “Off”
Off? Off kiya fan? AC?

Aapke dimaag ka switch?🙊

5) “Just one more day!”
For what? Your wedding? The end of the world?

Please inform me in advance. I have a secret hiding place on Mars and can make the necessary arrangements in time.

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