With the coffee cup in hands,
calm, soothing morning breeze around
walking along the empty shore.
Do you still reminisce?
About my broken heart,
your cold, dark soul
and our ended love.

Because, my dear!
The waves have been wildly splashing
along the edges of my feet every evening.
And so is the mood of my thoughts
and the feel of my eyes.

As if, the roaring sea-water
within its wide, compassionate chest
is hiding so silently, my pinching grief.
With its rising altitudes, sneakily telling
“It will be all okay, so soon.”
Ever since then,
I have been living strongly
on a hope and a prayer.


8 thoughts on “Blue.

  1. I love simply written poetry, the kind of poems where such simple words are weaved so beautifully the reader takes a view about the imagery. For a person like me for whom almost half of the poetic pieces just hover over the head, I find this extremely beautiful. Took a quick ride along your blog and I have to say, you’re an excellent, excellent writer. Such skill and grip, I am in love.
    Will be hitting up more often.
    Big hugs from Polland.

  2. you are just gone when u said you will be a regular from now on. come back and see i wrote some ghazals in the meanwhile

    • Your comment filled my heart with warmth realizing you noticed was so pleasing. I’ve been very occupied with my exam and studies and life took over. I’ll try to get back. Hope you have been well.

      Can’t wait to read your beautiful words.

      • I am great yeah thanks. Best of luck with whatever you are up to these days. I wrote some ghazals after that, you can read them when have time. Regards

    • Haha, sweetheart. Itna gila? I have been occupied by studies and life and exams. Didn’t check this sphere. I’ll surely keep up after I get free. I hope you have been your lovely self all this while which I dearly adore.

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