Burning bridges

You still exist,

In my unspoken words

As I try to shut them up.

But they insist to echo

loud and clear, in my drained conscience

And kill me with regret.”

She closed her daily diary with another sad note.


“I hear you,

In the silent darkness of the night,

In my magical moments of happiness,

In solitude and hustle.

For I read,

all your quiet messages

and those talking eyes

But never voiced back in return,

In the never ending waiting

To be shaken and approached.”

He smiled sadly staring at another sunset of separation.


Missed chances have never been this painful, both sighed while ordering coffee for one, far away in their lonely lives unknown to each other.


10 thoughts on “Burning bridges

  1. I have all these emotions and feelings overflowing my soul and mind, reading these made me feel like you pulled out some of those feelings and gave them words.

    Your writings were indeed missed. Happy that you are writing again. Please keep writing for I find meaning in them! ❤

    • My Sahrish,
      Your comment made me smile so much because it means a lot to me. I am so glad I could connect to you via my words and that you felt at home. I am always having you in my thoughts and prayers and there is not a moment where I do not thank GOD for granting me genuine people like you in life who really care.
      I love you and I am always with you.
      I shall be posting, =)

      • My dearest Hira,
        I’m happy that my comment made you smile 🙂
        JazakAllah for all the lovely words and remembering me. I too always remember you for I find you the most humble and genuine person I know.
        I love you too and I am really lucky to have you in my life.
        HUGS BACK!

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