Cheetos New Ad: 30 seconds of pure thrill and fun!

Cheetos Kung Fu – Let the FUN Begin!

Hey, we all love KungFu fights, no? The thrill it brings, the sweat, the excitement and all the crazy adrenaline rush is just so fascinating. Would you be surprised if KungFu fights break out all across the classrooms and living rooms in Pakistan? Of course, you would be. That is something unusual. But here is the lovely culprit: Blame Chester, the popular snack brand Cheetos’ old time mascot who ignites mischief in every corner where he appears. This time he is present with a new type of Kungfu fighting to give you the taste of adventure in a brilliant ad for Cheetos released last week on Pakistani TV. By the look of it, the ad is turning out to be very entertaining and catching everyone’s attraction hence gaining popularity quickly around all the spots. All eyes seem to be set on this exhilarating ad and that is justified; who doesn’t love watching an energized concept with a solid concept and not just the usual skinny, make-up loaded models munching and snacking around in the typical fashion? (I know you are curious to watch the ad by now, yes?) Chester makes an enchanting appearance, sitting between a father and son duo having quality time watching TV and sharing a bowl of the eye-catching and instantly recognizable snack orange that runs out fast. This is where the ad goes off the beaten track into a boy’s fantasy battle for the last bite of Cheetos.

The battle simply includes a pair of dressed up hands are flying through the air like KungFu fighters, making you exclaim with excitement and fun! And this is where the real spark is ignited. This brilliant move grabs the viewer’s attention rather than losing them to typical audience behavior during a commercial break. The ad has brilliantly touched on a number of universally appealing aspects along with keeping the execution original. It beautifully depicts the timeless nuances of a father and son bonding, playful wrestling being one of the most major ones. On the other hand, it celebrates the joy of wrestling and the globally common love for martial arts. Moreover, it is presented in a way that relates easily to every age and gender. Executed merely in 30 seconds time with absolute perfection; the ad s fun, clean and brilliant!

If you haven’t seen the ad already, catch it on the Cheetos Facebook Fan Page.


2 thoughts on “Cheetos New Ad: 30 seconds of pure thrill and fun!

  1. I’ve seen the ad. It’s not exactly a new one, I’d seen it a long time ago on Mbc or something, but yeah it’s cool.
    I understand why you liked it and now that you’ve pointed it out, I’m beginning to admire it too. I think ideas should cross boundaries of all sorts. Shouldn’t be limited within the same group of people.

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