Cheetos Branded Coin Toss Activity!

We all love cricket, no? And as an enthusiast and being crazy about it; we all had our eyes set on the Pak v/s Eng match today. But did you notice something unusual this time?If you missed it, don’t worry; let me tell you: It was the coin toss being branded by Cheetos! How pleasant is it to find the brands thinking out of the box and extending the horizons, showing us lovely surprises different than the routine advertising/marketing tactics. Exciting, yes!
Coin tossing is the first and most important part of cricket, everybody looks up to it and feels the energetic rush that comes with it; Cheetos branding it this time made it even more interesting for everyone. Don’t you agree? Your favorite brand together with your favorite game; what a treat!
Now this is where the real fun begins. Grab your pack of Cheetos and enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Cheetos Branded Coin Toss Activity!

  1. I used to be crazy about cricket, constantly checking up and stuff but then our team just had to mess stuff up by not playing that well and I was so disappointed I couldn’t bring myself to watch that cricket so I eventually stopped. Now I miss it 😛

  2. Like Hiba said, apply for the cheetos job already Hira 😀 plus I uses to be crazy about cricket and then i stopped watching :(:

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