I could have, you know,

taken all those miles

to come closer,

Only if I was certain

that your ego is tiny

and your heart; a little softer

So I could let the storm come in

and still not feel burdened.


5 thoughts on “But.

  1. Kinda relatable…
    But I’ve stopped dwelling on it much. The thought of how I would have taken it if this person was a little more softer, a little more considerate… ‘Cause if they chose their ego over me, then I guess I know exactly where I stand in their life.
    This is a very beautifully written piece, Hira. It’s sweet in its simplicity.

  2. “Kisi ke takabbur ne muhabbat ko zaleel kiya, aur kisi ki muhabbat ne takabbur ko tabdeel kiya.”
    I guess you can never really tell when to take a leap of faith and trust someone. Its all a chance… a risk that you take hoping you’d mean enough for someone to let go of their ego. It’s hard though, ego controls some people intrinsically.

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