But today,
let us talk about
our griefs and all the moments
when our hearts were broken.
To recall everytime
our fragile souls were torn
between the worries of
everything happening and
those of the upcoming fears.
Let us open up, to each other
without any doubts
and show all the scars,
of every tragedy and silent pain.
Say it all, for how long you have stayed strong?
Speak up!
Do not shy away, let us share;
all those stories we have been burrying
beneath the layers of our skin and
the ties of our tongues.
Today, let us be just humans,
of warm flesh and running blood,
let us smell in empathy,
let us put all of it out and free ourselves
of this unwanted burden in our chests,
For I have heard
your quiet cries in empty nights
and your unspoken words,
I have felt the coldness of your touch
speaking of all the hurt secretly,
Let us be raw, genuine
and pure with no other intention,
Let us heal each other,
For it has been so long
since we have stood firm
and stayed stiff,
Let us crack and let the light in;
Let us shine together and rise above
everything we thought we could not endure,
For so much happened and we are still here; our hearts are whole
And our souls, brighter and better than ever.


2 thoughts on “Please

  1. I’m so glad that this ended the way it did.
    It’s like the concept of Alhamdulillah. Like no matter how things may be, Praise and thanks be to Allah for he has sustained me well throughout the struggles…
    I really loved the end, Hira.
    But I wish I had it in me to talk about the pain and be human .-.

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