The cure



But let’s pretend

that it never ended,

like it did.

And it still thrives

with the same vibrance

just as we saw it once.


For if not supposed so,

you will continue burning

in the ashes of your torn ego.

And I will just dangle in

the misery of my broken heart.


And the two of us will keep wondering, which one hurts the most?

Your split soul or my lost love.


For there is nothing as such

like “the bigger grief, the greater hurt”

as the two of us, suffered just equally.


And maybe one day, we will settle for the fact that

it was no one’s fault; neither yours nor mine but rather,

We will free ourselves of this burden by blaming it on life and its painful ways.


Just breath,

our hearts still beat and our souls are alive

we will heal, in our own separate worlds.



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