Speak and you shall be heard.


For as long as we can remember, Peshawar has been talked about on the front line for its sudden sour situations and many security concerns. From the city of flowers to the city of funerals, every day had a new tale of strained announcements and grief. But amidst all the chaos, nurtured were the brains of ambition, passion, dedication, devotion and a zeal of change. A change that would bring out the best from the land, look for the neglected gems and to reinforce the positive traits for a better future. A change that was crafted by a bunch of emerging young minds full of hope and a will to do something different and hence, came into being, this little new baby which has now turned into a fully fledged, grown-up family; The Model United Nations Khyber Pukhtunkhwa.

What started off as an experimental effort back in 2014 has now transferred into the gold standard of a platform where every individual could voice his/her opinion, talk to the like-minded colleagues and get an incredible opportunity to learn, grow and expand the horizons. With an enormous amount of success throughout the previous two years, and after gaining confidence of the known figures, touching peaks of excellence, opening doors of betterment, opportunities and motivation for many talented and underrated gems; MUNKPK family with its chapter of 2016 is back again, bigger yet better this time and with a bang that could be heard across the corners for its quality work and with the motives of achieving higher milestones.

The opportunity is open for all, the doors await every mind seeking a lifetime experience of brilliance and thrill, whereas the hosts expect you all with the expectations of a lively event that will set bigger levels for the followers and change the typical mindset regarding this city which has given gems to this country and continue to do so.

Let us combine to do something big, let us join hands and step forward for a roller coaster ride of brighter and bigger chances. Do not suppress that voice, it is your identity. Do not kill that idea, it is your creation. Take the charge, let’s speak – for we shall be heard.

ذرا نم ہو تو یہ مٹی بہت زرخیز ہے صاقی

Register now, here.
Visit the website.
Don’t forget to see us on the other side, that is, the facebook page.


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