Quick update.

Doing this since so many fellow bloggers left me comments about why am I out of sight. (Did you think I died, huh?)

  1. Final year medical school exam in 2 months, I am DYING. (read it again, yes, it is real)
  2. I HATE final year at the moment. (Don’t disagree, I hate you too.)
  3. I didn’t die yet but can’t be sure about it after two months. (Mamamamama!)
  4. I am always stressed out, panicking, cranky, filled-up-about to cry… sshhh, DON’T TALK TO ME, DON’T TOUCH ME, DON’T COME NEAR ME.
  5. I am the whiniest, chicken, freaked out, stressed and cranky medical student in the history of whiny, chicken..jshdudnska… ugh, lost the track.
  6. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME THAT I DO WELL AND ACE IT. Please. This means everything to me, every single thing. Will give you a cookie.
  7. Hello.
  8. I am funny, no? Say yes.

13 thoughts on “Quick update.

  1. Oh snap, are you saying I have to cancel all the funeral arrangements?

    All the best for your exams. Medicals? I already have a huge respect for you. Take Care. 🙂

    • Hassaaan, mango, my favourite senior! How is that you so sneakily appear at the most unexpected of times and make me smile with your good wishes? Hope you have been good, thank you! I miss you. Thankful for the good old times.

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